Ajinomoto part-2

Ajinomoto harmonizes well with salty and sour tastes. MSG is added to foods before or during cooking. The general guideline mentioned for addition of MSG is ½ a teaspoon to ½ kg of meat or ½ kg of vegetables. Ajinomoto is added in higher quantities to remove the aged feeling of canned food and make […]

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Ajinomoto part-1

AJINOMOTO ADDED IN FOOD LEADS TO CANCER AND MENTAL RETARDATION Ajinomoto or MSG (Monosodium Phosphate) is a taste enhancer, it is added to make dishes taste better. Ajinomoto or MSG is used as an ingredient to enhance the natural flavors of foods such as meat, poultry, soups, stews, salads, gravies, seafood, snacks, noodles and vegetable […]

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All About Black holes Part-4

A black hole is a true “hole” in space: Anything that crosses the edge of the hole – called the “horizon” of the hole – is swallowed forever. For this reason, black holes are considered an edge of space, a one-way exit door from our universe; nothing inside a black hole can ever communicate with […]

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All About Black holes Part-3

Black holes can generate energy more efficiently than our Sun. The material that is nearest to the fringe of the event horizon orbits and moves more rapidly, it heats up to billions of degrees Farenheit, which has the ability to convert the mass around it into energy known as black body radiation. To compare, nuclear […]

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All About Black holes Part-2

Theoretically if we could produce a sound louder than 1100db concentrated on a single point in space, we could create a black hole. But it is easier said than done. Firstly decibels are logarithmic units that means that 20db is not twice as 10db it’s actually 10 times more powerful, so 1100db is 10 followed […]

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All About Black holes part-1

Some think black holes are like cosmic vacuums that suck in the space around them, when in fact, black holes are like any other object in space, albeit with an extremely strong gravitational field. If you replace the Sun with a black hole of equal mass, the Earth would not get sucked in, it would […]

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