All About Black holes Final Part

In the ancient Greek mythology, the Minotaur is a monster with the head of a bull and the body of a man that lives in the centre of a great spiral labyrinth and devours anyone foolish or lost enough to come near.

At the centre of our galaxy and quite possibly at the centre of all spiral galaxies, there also live monsters that swallow anything and everything in their reach. These monsters are known as black holes, which may conceal some clues to the greatest unsolved mysteries of the universe.

There are two types of black holes. The mass of an ordinary black hole is the remains of a star about 25 to 100 times more massive than our sun. Another type of black hole can become so large with accretion of matter, especially during early stages of galaxy formation, that it’s mass can equal that of 10 billion suns.

Now scientists have seen evidence of supermassive black holes merging into each other,in a dramatic spectacle that could shed light on the development of the universe.

Scientists say the discovery helps support a theory about the way the universe will develop,as galaxies and their associated black holes merge into each other and expand into even bigger galaxies or black holes.

Before black holes fully merge together,they form what is known as a binary black hole, swirling around each other in orbit before they smash into each other. But scientists haven’t been able to see evidence of bigger,supermassive binary black holes.


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