Ajinomoto part-2

Ajinomoto harmonizes well with salty and sour tastes. MSG is added to foods before or during cooking. The general guideline mentioned for addition of MSG is ½ a teaspoon to ½ kg of meat or ½ kg of vegetables. Ajinomoto is added in higher quantities to remove the aged feeling of canned food and make the cold food taste better. The truth is increased addition of MSG will not improve the taste either. It is going to have severe negative effects on health.

Ajinomoto tricks your tongue and makes you feel a fifth taste called “Umami”. MSG is ananti-appetite suppressant. You will crave for more food with this taste.

Few people sensitive to MSG will show the following symptoms:

Increased heartbeat
Headache, Migraine
Breathing problems
Nausea and vomiting
Blurred vision
Tingling and/or burning sensation
Chills and shakes
Feeling of pressure on the face
Pain in the face, back, neck or chest
These symptoms will be observed on a temporary basis for about 20 minutes after eating food containing Ajinomoto and may last for 2 hours also. If you consume foods containing Ajinomoto on an empty stomach or drink alcohol at the same time, the symptoms will appear faster and the individual will suffer severely.


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