We are made of Stardust

Nebulae, among the most beautiful and awe inspiring forms in the universe, are found woven throughout the spiral arms of our galaxy. They are the most active star making regions. These nebulae are giant clouds of gas and dust which gather from the mateones. blown out by dying stars.

You see, the universe wastes nothing. Stars die and many more are born from it. Nebulae contain the raw ingredients of both the stars and of us.

The primordial atomic elements of the universe were hydrogen and helium. These light elements are able to make a star, but not us. For life like ours to be possible, additional heavier elements such as carbon, oxygen and nitrogen are required. These elements were forged inside the nuclear furnaces of the first generation of stars, where the temperature was sufficient to cause smaller elements to fuse into larger ones.

When these first generation stars died, they dispersed most of their mass into space. The dust and gas of these exploded stars assembled to form the nebulae..

Nebulae are made of stardust and so are we.


57 thoughts on “We are made of Stardust

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  2. Good evening dear,

    honestly speaking, i am a great lover of space, research and read about it, in deed this is very interesting subject for me, how our galaxy look from far and near.

    Orion Nebula, the brightest nebula in the sky and occupying an area twice the diameter of the full Moon, can be viewed with the naked eye but was missed by early astronomers.
    This information available on net.

    We made of these dust , but fact underlying which level of energy we being human are holding within ourself, it not able to answer by anyone yet?

    How these dust impact and control our movement on earth?

    I look forward to hear from you.

    I am thankful to you for sharing informative articles and beautiful pictures with us.

    Best regards ,

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    1. Good afternoon,
      Thanks for taking your time to read the post.
      Well when our star and planets were being formed from stardust, at the very beginning their atoms were all together, later the atoms divide to begin their differential evolution.

      And our planet’s atmosphere was formed from the same atoms which somehow start organic evolution to form us.

      And about how stardust impact and control our lives, I guess that’s astrology.

      If you want to ask anything else feel free to do.
      Thank you

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      1. Good afternoon dear , control of life by they rays which impact our daily life very much invisible to naked eyes of us. This some in mind always, how we are link to them .
        Thank you so much sks


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